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SQL Exploiter Pro v2.15

Now hackingz websites with SQL Exploiter Pro v2.15 is as easy as 1-2-3. Real and Pro hackers are simply going to love it for how easy and organised it is. The SQL Exploiter Pro v2.15 makes sql injection so simple that even novice or beginner hackers can hackz shops with it. The SQL Exploiter Pro v2.15 can hackz CFM, ASP and PHP exploits as well as download MS access databases of exploitable sites.

SQL Exploiter Pro v2.15 is also the best for MYSQL PHP and Syntax Error hackingz. It has five parts.

The URL Extractor:
The URL Extractor uses query in such a way that your IP is not blocked by google since it uses another search engine linked to google.

The Attacker:
The attcker gets the tables, columns and their data from CFM, ASP and PHP sites

The Database:
The database saves all hacked sites and you can easily access the hacked sites whenever you need them. Hidden some of the website in the picture. Cann't give real shops for free.

The Syntax Error hackz:
The Syntax error is the most difficult and time consuming type of hackz. it is very easy with SQL Exploiter Pro v2.15.

The MYSQL and PHP hackz:
SQL Exploiter Pro v2.15 is great with MYSQL and PHP hackingz. Can get tables and columns of MySQL version 5.

Category: Hacking | Added by: neo-gabriel (08.20.2009)
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